Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bike solution

Day of up and down.

On the up, is the sunshine, breezing in on the back of the roll and clap of cloud and rain. Perfect, because it's the day when a home ed youth club is meeting up for a bike ride round a lake, over the other side of town.

On the down, finding a safe route to the meet point when we haven't got time to taxi two kids and one bike, then one kid and two bikes. I could say, Never mind! Take the A5 - it's got a dual carriageway - and if the police pick you up, tell them it's alright because in home education land, we take risks.

After some discussion about this specific bike transportation problem, we solve it to my great satisfaction. I put the bikes in the boot and I strap Tiger to the bonnet, shove Squirrel in the glove compartment, and tell Shark to run very quickly to catch us up if she falls off the roof.

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