Monday, 27 May 2013

On the way...

Of course we have to see a field just outside Evesham en route to Hay-on-Wye.

Battlefields are my new enthusiasm.

That character streak, incidentally - the peculiar focused pursuit down any new randomly-selected rabbit hole of interest - I blame on Gritty Papa. Throughout a long and varied career he defused bombs, ran a chip shop, built a boat, did a stint inside, abandoned us, came home again, and variously became involved in theatre, birdwatching, engineering and bricklaying. Those were the highlights.

Anyway, I have to see Evesham. It is distinguished in that one of my historical boyfriends, as Shark flippantly calls them, was mortally wounded and dismembered here. Simon de Montfort, father of your English parliament. Shark may be right; I am a tiny bit in love with him, probably because he followed through in what he believed.

But the landscape looks idyllic now, doesn't it? Pathways trimmed by white blossoms and Queen Anne's lace (let's not call it cow parsley and prickly bush). Tiger kept fretting, of course, because Evesham battlefield is now on private land, and I'd already been thrown out a car parking slot by one of the villagers who claimed she needed the space 'to back into'. I didn't respond in a particularly generous tone, true, but Tiger has to toughen up on these matters. You can't go around the world being put off by people in uniform, people with desks, and village ladies with stern faces and shotguns.

Enough of all this. It's not getting us anywhere. A bit like the Evesham battlefield walk, when we had to turn round and retrace our steps. But at least I can say, we were there. You can read about it, here.


Michelle said...

Ooh that reminds of an exchange of words I had with a woman who first asked me if i lived in that area and then told me to move as she needed the space to reverse into. I said no as there were no other spaces along that stretch and we were visiting a friend who lived on a nearby footpath. She told me it would be my problem if she hit my car. I replied that actually it would be very much her problem if her moving vehicle hit my stationary and legally parked car. There was loads of room - it was hardly tight. There's no way she could live where we do!

Grit said...

let us reclaim our right to park legally on public highways, michelle! let's key their audis.