Friday, 31 May 2013

It was inevitable

Just to remind myself, the activities timetable is normal here, what with Tiger's windsurfing club sucking out cash from my bank account every Saturday morning, and Shark's sub-aqua club held every week (gratifyingly) at one of the poshest school pools round these parts, and then there's Woodcraft Folk, the drama group, the monthly woodland mob and the fortnightly Wildlife Watch, where we can all ohh and ahh at squirrels.

Speaking of which, it was Squirrel's Astro club tonight, where I fell asleep. I would like to pretend that no-one noticed, that I got away with it, but I cannot. It was a shockingly public nodding off, skirting the boundaries of snoring and grunting, and I can only say in my defence that if you lived the sort of week that I do (don't forget the laundry, note the dates for mapping/art/Latin/social, prepare for the craft stall and don't forget to put out the rubbish and pay the bills) that you too, becalmed by antihistamine, would drop away as soon as they switched off the lights to look at comets on the projector.

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