Thursday, 2 May 2013

Photoblog Wildlife Watch

In this ever-changing household, people are going to and fro again. Marking the day, my ever-evolving teens no longer see friends coming round to play but friends coming round to hang out; morningtime brings one friend dropping in; two more arrive by afternoon as she departs.

I watch the social diary of the proto teen grow in much more complex ways than mine. Me, if I manage to grab a cup of coffee with Ellie and Mr W in a month of Sundays, I'm doing better than thrilled.

Let's leave the junior teens to it. I can simply assure anyone who thinks it can't possibly happen, that yes! Home ed kids have social lives!

I'll record an evening activity instead. A brief few hours walking with the local Wildlife Watch, pausing in the busy day, for heron fancying.


Irene said...

And not a heron was seen, apparently. There must have been too many of you.

Grit said...

no irene! we saw heron babies in bushes and big mama herons, or maybe papa herons, don't push me on that, and great herony fly-pasts with twigs. honestly, it was all more exciting than it sounds.