Friday, 24 May 2013

Visiting the Royal Courts of Justice

Here's a bit of information I never knew before, with me being a day-tripping peasant of the shires and all; coming fresh and ruddy-faced into London with my shoes still crusted in sheep shit.

If you pass by The Royal Courts of Justice, you can go in, and do a tour of the building!

Well it was exciting news to me.

I bet you metropolitan types knew it already, you with your sueded kitten heels who know your way  round a wine bar menu. But it came as news here. The woman at the enquiry desk hands you a leaflet and tells you what to look at, and why. Like the painted room, for example, spruced up with some cash from English Heritage and now available for hire, probably if you have a few thousand quid to spend on your society wedding.

I found out this bit of information entirely accidentally, because we were part of a large gaggle of home ed people who had already booked both an educational tour of this gothic magnificence, plus a courtroom for the afternoon. Only here could we put the unforgiven Badman on trial and prosecute him for being a glove puppet of the loud-mouthed control-freaking Balls. (Just wishful thinking; the old grudges are the deepest.)

Okay then, the courtroom scene we re-enacted was called The Suffragettes (probably also still a running sore for some old Tories).

It was a great opportunity to explore another aspect of our heritage, so I happily recommend it. Both the tour and the courtroom drama. And if you find yourself in the swanky city and are passing The Royal Courts, simply take the self-guided tour. Swot up about the architecture beforehand, however, because the leaflet they give you is minimal and there's no booklet on sale to give you any further info.

Oh yes, there is one other issue. Getting past the airport-style security screening system before you go in. But we managed it, and Squirrel had three rocks, a pen knife, and a bicycle chain in her pocket.

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Grit said...

I should just tell you, all items were taken off her. You will not get in with high explosives, weaponry, any kitchen implements, paint, or rocks (should you be a rock-hurling type). There is wide CCTV coverage and total lock-down available to the authorities. And quite right too.

If you are running an educational workshop, same rules apply. Which may come in useful for Tinkertop of Class 3B. Enjoy the day.