Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May day celebration

First of May! A date which seems more bewitching to me as each year passes: I made it!

I've hidden from the long slog of winter under me woolly thermal vest with the dribble, but now I made it, I can cast it off, and throw my diminished frame towards the luxurious promises of summer breezes blowing up me cotton frock.

If I made it this far, surely the rest is going to be alright. Come the long evenings, long shadows, I can be bolstered up by warmth and sun and wind, made stout and whole enough to face winter returning, when I dig out the thermal vest I said I'd never wear again, the thing I'll sew myself into till April 30th, but I'll know too, if I bite my knuckles and keep my head down, I will feel the same all over again next year. If I can make May Day I can call it triumph.

So it's all sparkly today, and I don't care what adversity comes this way. The marker's down, the line's drawn, I jumped the barrier, and the bit of me that's living is still alive enough to anticipate the freedoms of summer.

Even if, at any point I felt down, sad, and grieving today, which I deny totally, I'm drawing on the bright and shiny art the children conjure up, inspired by light and paint: what could be better for me than to clap eyes on Squirrel's rocks, Tiger's thingummy, and Shark's killer whale?

And if that wasn't enough to know it's all time for a spring celebration, the evening sings at me from the Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe on Radio 2.

Honestly, aged in my 20s and 30s, I thought, If you ever catch me listening to Radio 2, shoot me. But I hadn't been withered by death, despair and winter then, when making it through the shrunken ages to the first of May simply wasn't the achievement it so clearly is today.


Irene said...

May Day (no, not that one) clearly has special significance. I think it's when we become goddesses of the earth again and can celebrate all that is feminine. Frilly frocks are a must, as are bare limbs. I think we should all get on horses and ride off into the sunset.

Grit said...

yes! frilly frocks and fairy flower garlands! want want want!