Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Well that throwaway comment about the disconnection was prescient.

Today we get from British Gas a threat that they're not only coming round to disconnect us, they're bringing the police with them. Perhaps they've heard about Shark's tiara. Or perhaps they reckon that because there's such a police presence out in Smalltown now what with the murder, poor bloke, they may as well dragoon a few coppers on the way in case we all get violent with the puffin again.

So it's back on the computer for Grit, writing letters, enclosing evidence, demanding an apology that we won't get. We never got one last time. Probably along with several other million people.

Of course what gets Grit's goat is that we've actually paid this bill from British Gas. We paid the ruddy thing ages ago, so of course we're going to ignore their reminders and then last week's threat of disconnection. Actually, I did try telephoning, three times, but a recorded voice tells me it's a 25-minute wait and then drops the line.

So we've had enough. We've had enough of the appalling service and the bullying and intimidatory language that organisations like British Gas think is quite acceptable when dealing with people. Right, now out comes the soap box. Because it's not just bullying and intimidation so that they can get the money for the flippin' gas we use. Oh no, it's bullying and intimidation to try and force me to comply with their boggering administrative practices so that we fit more precisely into their 'streamlined efficient business computer system' they just spent a great wodge of money installing.

Well, sod off British Gas. I'm not fitting into your model of a consumer for your convenience and we're changing supplier. We're disconnecting you.


these boots said...

Hello Grit, been reading for a little while but not commented yet. Anyway, yeah, this kind of attitude gets my goat too. And I can thoroughly recommend
as a socially responsible flick-off-British Gas alternative. The website says that, if you pay by direct debit, you may find their prices more expensive ... but we actually found them cheaper.

these boots said...

AARGH no! *SO* didn't mean to link to Microsoft! ARGH! I am a committed Mac user!

Trying again with this html malarcky:

Jax said...

Once upon a long ago I had a run in with British gas. I don't appear to have blogged it, which seems quite unlikely, maybe it was before I was blogging. Ah, the memories!