Monday, 28 May 2007

Make a list

Dig is off today for his not-holiday in Asia. As usual, when Dig goes, I become ulta-focused and make a list. These are the things that are on my list.

1. Pack for Kent.

2. Clear up the kitchen.

3. Buy food. We have nothing to eat in the house except pasta and frozen bread.

4. Buy a season pass for the summer events in the parks which are run every year for children and which are fab, but when I ring up the parks department to ask if there are any tickets left for the event in August am told 'That event is fully booked'. Strange. So I will buy a pass and then they cannot stop me.

5. Vacuum. The TV licencing people might call. They have been threatening to for the last three years.

6. Make some more lists with things on them so that I remember what I am doing everyday. When Dig goes, I usually get involved in child things and I can't remember what else I could possibly do all day long.

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