Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Skin beautiful

I'm hearing a lot right now about this Boots Protect and Perfect serum which does something for wrinkles. Apparently, so the scientist on the radio says, it contains lipo-something which does something for collagen and produces fibi-something which in turn supports the skin like a mattress. Since I have skin a bit like an old mattress I could do with some of that.

Then I remember.

It just so happens that about a month ago I bought something from Boots, and the perfumed lady gave me a small promotional tube of this magic Protect and Perfect lotion. I never tried it. With growing horror, I'm sure I recall that in the last few days it went into a black bin liner with the household rubbish.

So today I might be found face down in the bin bags in the yard, grovelling around the rubbish and sifting every item in the search of this elixir.

Of course this is not about vanity. It is to save us all from landfills.


Jax said...

well, let us know whether the bin bag expedition was successful :)

Allie said...

"Supports the skin like a mattress"???

I like the idea of walking around with a mattress on my face all day - handy for falling asleep on the bus.

Great blog, by the way.

Laura said...

Am I the only person to have an adverse skin reaction to Boots Protect & Perfect?
I have sores in my hairline and cold sores on my top lip and sores under bottom lip. Itcy scalp and general itching around head and facial area. After using this product for 5 days.