Sunday, 27 May 2007

Day off

Before he heads off to South-east Asia, Dig is overcome by a need to spend some daddy-daughters time. He volunteers to take Shark, Squirrel and Tiger off to the kiddie theme park while I catch up on some work. Strangely, he seems to have already acquired a season ticket for himself.


Brad said...

Dearest Grit,
I'm so glad I happened to find your blog. For me, it's much like discovering a whole new culture ! I enjoy it so much I'm nearly out of archived posts to keep me sated. I'm not sure how many hits your site is getting but the comments section are in a sorry state so I just wanted to say that it's not just Michelle (a charming commenter, BTW & I bet she's quite pretty) isn't the only one out here reading this blog. Anyway, I just wanted to come out of the shadows and tell you how much I'm enjoying your writing. Thank You –


grit said...

well, what flattery! i promise to update all the disasters that are shortly to befall the grit family while they crash around on a beach in the rain with some buckets and spades. We have already had an argument over the dolphin bucket and we haven't yet had breakfast.

Michelle said...