Thursday, 10 May 2007

Sasha's granny

We must have been horrible to Sasha. She has not replied to our emails since I threw her out of the car at Suburban Airport on the way home from the Rodin workshop on clay at the end of April. Admittedly, the departure was not that good, with the fists flying in the background and Shark shouting 'Go away!', but I did tell Sasha that Shark wasn't talking to her as I removed her bags from the back of the car. Of course I had to be quick about it because they charge me at that car park if I'm there more than 10 minutes.

Anyway, Sasha has finally replied to us with an email.

Sasha apologises and says she would love to come and spend some time with us over summer and teach us German. She says she could not reply sooner because she has had exams. She said that she had to go to Magdeburg to pick things up. Then she says she was going to reply last week but her granny fell out of a train.

I think Sasha might fit into Grit's world quite nicely.

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