Saturday, 12 January 2008

Grit grump

Today's task is to be nice to people and do a random act of kindness.


Now I know that carrying out a random act of kindness was in my original resolution list for 2008. Actually, I was working on it. I'd made this cute cloth bag to give away to the next person behind me in the queue at Tesco. I was planning to write on it in big letters 'This bag is not by Anya Hindmarch. It is a not-for-profit random act of kindness. Bloody well enjoy it'.

And then my attempt was subverted by Tiger. Stupidly, before writing my kind message, I handed over the cloth bag to Tiger to decorate one side with a picture of a horse with her fabric pastels. But then she went and scribbled over both sides and it looks crap all over. So I'm using it for library books.

After that, I began to think that I do kind things everyday. Yeah, actually, I do. I run baths for other people. I cook food for other people. I do laundry for other people. I get shoes from upstairs under the beds for other people. I say hello to the postman. I say thank you at the Co-op. Even yesterday I let the old woman with the shopper get up out of the road where she'd fallen over before I drove on. I think I do my bit.

So now that I read the next step on my Independent no diet plan is to be kind, I'm sort of pissed off. I've half a mind to go round and see if I can insult and offend everyone.

Anyway, as I'm feeling bolshy, here's a list. And I'll be bloody kind in my own time.

1. Aunty Dee has arrived. Apparently she has been to a dental appointment and routed back to see us. This is actually a six hour drive. The way Aunty Dee drives, it should take twelve.

2. Winter tennis lessons have started.

3. I put the phrase 'my carrots look like a bag of shrunken willies' on a cookery discussion list.

4. When the next person says 'Triplets! I've not seen triplets before!' I'm going to shout 'Pedophile!'

5. Thank God the Evangelical Christian home educator didn't get hold of me again. I gave her the slip last time and she came round with a flyer for a kid's party when really it was a cover about being led to Jesus.

6. Lolling about in bed this morning scoffing chocolate digestives I read last Sunday's Independent and saw that someone in London thought that Margaret Thatcher was the best prime minister ever. Yes, that's what Grit says now. Bring her back! Bring her back!

Grit will probably be back to normal tomorrow.


Brad said...

Grit. You need a gay boyfreind! One that can take you too the pub one night and babysit the next.

grit said...

That sounds good to me. What's booked for next Friday? Only I am not going to the Queen Vic because it is crap. The Royal Oak is much better.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't?

Anonymous said...

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now, that was all very serious!
hope your love of humanity returns soon LOL!

Brad said...

Thank goodness Sally got me off the hook on the whole sitememter thing - Thanks Sally !

Fine, you go to the Queen vic, I'll sit on the Trips. as my old boss used to call her three -

Anonymous said...

You are welcome Brad!