Friday, 11 January 2008

One step ahead

Another diet day! Another task! Today's task is to get up one hour earlier than normal and use the hour productively.

This does not mean Grit sloping back to bed and slurping an extra cup of delicious black coffee while reading the wonderful Independent. Neither does it mean weasling and fibbing that she does not normally loll around in bed so today she can. No. This task is to be done properly.

And I do get up earlier. And I do not read the newspaper. Much. And I do use the extra hour productively. I make a To Do list. It has 57 things on it. And I'm noting this achievement on the blog.

Amazingly, on achieving and completing this recording task, I see that by the logic of my blog diary I have got to Friday, even though I am writing this post on Thursday. Which just goes to prove how truly effective is the Independent no diet. It can actually transform time itself.

Of course it could not possibly be that I am unable to read, organise or maintain a simple diary, and have, as a consequence, already messed up the days of the week and the tasks that I have been doing, so today's task was yesterday, and tomorrow's is today.

Meanwhile, until everybody else gets to Friday, here are some pictures.

This is Tiger in the woods with a picture of a lizard jumping up to a tree branch on her face. It's not a crocodile.

This is Shark with two dolphins jumping out of the sea. They are not killer whales.

Both are very good attempts by Mummy Grit with the face paints box.


Michelle said...

i nearly said dont give up the day job.


Trevor said...

Of course they are not killer whales (Orca, please - they get ever such a hard time...)

They could be Commerson's dolphin (alternatively known as Skunk or Piebold dolphins - a Southern Ocean resident (albeit mostly coastal))

It’s possible they are Pacific White-sided dolphin (found, funny enough, in the Pacific). However these tend to be more dark grey than black.

Another option is Dall’s porpoise. Unfortunately, although black and white, they do not have an obvious beak which yours appear to. And anyway they have white dorsal fins.

There are several other options (Hector’s, Risso’s Dusky), but the colouration is not quite right for any of them. I’d like to think they were modelled on my personal favourites - the Hourglass dolphin, who are found at play amongst the rolling greybeards deep in the Southern Ocean.

However, given that one appears to have no dorsal fin, (I’m not sure if the other one does or not?) they could very well be Southern Wright Whale dolphins but, alas, the colouring is wrong again.

I may not be completely correct (and will no doubt suffer the scorn of mammal-lovers everywhere) but, given the colouring and lack of dorsal fin, I’m going to opt for the Northern Wright Whale dolphin.

Give my regards to Shark – from one lover of all things that swim to another…

Trevor said...

Oh, and apologies to Tiger - I know nothing about lizards...

grit said...

i am in awe at such profound knowledge. i don't know anything about doplhins, lizards, and a lot else. i could once do something with minor american writers of the nineteenth century, but i've forgotten it.