Friday, 25 January 2008

Nothing to report

Oh dear. There is nothing to report today. Nothing at all.

I suppose this uneventful and unproblematic day comes down to the fact that Grit and the three little gritlets are having a gentle, laid-back sort of non-eventful day today.

Grit reads Tintin and the Picaros with all the voices, and we start Nim's Island. Being up-to-date with the times, Shark, Squirrel and Tiger then opt to watch Miracle on 34th Street for our film studies project. From this foolish course of action, they will not be dissuaded, even though Grit is busting her buffers to watch Spirited Away because she has just bought the DVD, and despite the fact that Michelle has pitched in an alternative version of The Secret Garden.

And there you have it.

Nope. There's nothing else.

I could add that Tiger started to do some decorating of trees for the tree project.

That's it.

Really, nothing more.

In a fit of desperation I could log that Grit's diet she's following from the Independent is feeling pretty good. In fact she is getting quite public spirited. Perhaps at long last she is breaking out of her fatty habit web and revealing her inner philanthropy because she can now pitch reduced-price cheese sandwiches from the Co-op to that bloke who lives in the disused church doorway without batting an eyelid.

But on the actual diet front with the big bum and body weight thing, Grit is sad to report that after several days of munching sprouting beans on her jammy toast, she still cannot do up the top button on her jeans.

Anyway, because Grit is enjoying week 3 so much, she may repeat it next week.

She may have to. She has lost book 4.

And that's it.


You can stop reading now.

If you are really keen you can see a picture of Tiger in the front garden, decorating her twig.

That's it.

There's always the archives.

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