Tuesday, 1 January 2008

A bit of this and that

It has not been a very good day. Grit has had a headache thanks to yesterday's ill-advised Martini and this morning's consumption of a left-over Indian take-away for breakfast. She has also set off the fire alarm which Dig suggests might now be termed the dinner bell, and she has gone to war with Squirrel over a fish made out of tin foil.

Added to that, Shark has inexplicably started speaking in an American accent. Tiger has had a big squeal while making a New Year wreath to hang in the kitchen. And Dig, who was in charge of supper, boiled enough potatoes to not quite fill one small serving bowl, opened a tin of tuna, and suggested supper was ready. Bear in mind that we are five hungry people with a potato appetite; three won't eat fish and one is a resolving vegan.

On the other hand, Shark has visited the neighbour to dutifully hand her a Christmas card and I have taken a Happy 2008 card. Then we have exchanged pleasantries about kitchens and bathrooms.

I have also taken down from the kitchen the autumnal leaf wreaths that Squirrel, Shark and Tiger made in September 2003, giving me the satisfaction of claiming that things are moving, albeit slowly, on the household organisation front.

While I'm thinking about achievement I should say I have spent some time transferring dates into the new 2008 calender so that I do not forget the kiddie RSPB and drama groups again. And Squirrel's dance and the French.

Because of this perhaps I should count New Year's day, despite its minor setbacks, as one of achievement, and one which starts off my resolutions admirably. Except for eating standing up, which I am still working on.

Dig, meanwhile, apart from his humiliation over the potatoes, has within the last 24 hours had two unsettling experiences, one with a modelling balloon and one with a rabbit. I may post the rabbit dilemma later. It is not an easy one to solve. We have had an unpleasant experience with a rabbit before, and not surprisingly, it has made Dig cautious.

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Michelle said...

Happy New Year to you all.