Wednesday, 23 January 2008

To the forest

Grit and Dig take the little Gritlets off for a romp in the local forest. This is not to abandon them. Not at all. This is for a tree project that Grit, in a fit of home ed enthusiasm, is starting today, come hell or high water.

And it is just as well that she has persuaded Dig to come with us, because he knows the way.

Last time I tried to find this forest for a lovely home ed walk through the trees, I couldn't. In fact I did not have a clue even where to start looking for the ruddy thing. And sat nav is no help. Not with locations like 'Forest'. 'It's around here somewhere'. By then, already twenty minutes late, and not in sight of anything vaguely forested, Grit has to stop to weep somewhere on a minor dirt road and ask Tiger, Shark and Squirrel through gushing tears to look out for some trees.

In hindsight, this was a mistake. Tiger kept shouting 'Mummy! I can see a tree!' at every passing viburnum. This was not helpful.

Well today we made it there and back. Once in the forest, Grit marched about collecting just the right sticks for the tree project, while Dig tried to break a single branch into two smaller pieces so Squirrel could carry it without stabbing her sisters through the head. After ten minutes of watching Dig struggle with a tree branch and launch himself into a ditch Grit reasoned that it was probably a good demonstration to Squirrel why some of his ancestors probably did not survive as forest dwellers but decided to work with computers instead.

Here is a picture of some sticks collected for our tree project. I know it is not very exciting. I will take a picture when they have been decorated.

Well, quite frankly, that probably won't be very exciting either, but round here we take what we can get.

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