Saturday, 5 January 2008

There is no point to this blog either

It is a very No Point day. Squirrel has been arguing and complaining all day long. She has been throwing out challenging and difficult insults like some miniature random insult generator on new batteries. Tiger has been arguing and telling me what to do and say. Shark has been bursting into tears.

To escape from this lot I have been compiling our record books for 2007 and deciding there is No Point because, I am told by Tiger, everyone hates everyone anyway. Especially sisters.

As a second strategy I sit everyone in front of the TV for a Pink Panther film which results in Squirrel complaining all through a pasta supper that the bathroom upstairs exists and she did not have a say in what type of bath there is and look now, Bathstore have 50% off their whirlpool baths and she wanted a whirlpool bath so why didn't we wait and get one at an amazing 50% discount with a free estimation and guaranteed bargain fitting price.

If this was all not depressing enough, there is pasta for dinner. And I have cooked it. Which makes it all even worse.

By the end of the day I reflect that I would have got everyone in the car to go to the big playground by the lake had anyone wanted to go. I would have walked to the Co-op for some milk but no-one wanted to go there either because it is cold. I would have lit the fire but I will burn down the environment. I would have cooked something different if anyone had wanted it. And I hate eating pasta every day and no-one ever asks me what I would like to eat.

All of which leads me firmly to Tiger's conclusion that there is No Point. And now I am truly in the grip of a No Point Day I can confirm that yes, it is absolutely pointless. And there is No Point to doing anything. At all.

And here's a picture of what I found under the grill this morning. That explains the fire alarm, anyway.

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