Saturday, 27 September 2008

Electricity is amazing, right?

HEADS UP! Grit has it on authority that electricity is not stored in unicorn horns then brought overnight by fairies and hidden behind the wall until you need it! No!

There are wires!

My new and empowering knowledge is all thanks to my wise and wonderful husband Dig. Dig is teaching the Gritlets about wires, pylons, and how all the electricity gets past the junk stored up in the hall when nothing else can!

And more!

Dig is teaching Shark, Squirrel and Tiger about generators and Michael Faraday and how to make on/off switches with a piece of wood and a paperclip.

This is truly amazingly useful stuff. I am sure the Gritlets will need it all when non-functioning electrical equipment conspires against them and tries to rob them of their lives. The first lesson in dealing with miserable rebels like amplifiers that won't amplify, ovens that don't get hot, irons that won't switch on, computers that won't compute, is, says Dig, to think the problem through. And do not act up like mummy Grit. Randomly press all the buttons. Call out to the unicorns and fairies in despair. Cry. Then phone an engineer in a panic to come and change a fuse at a cost of £250 emergency call out fee.

Well, my little Gritlets truly deserve a big CLAP CLAP today. As does daddy Dig, because I clearly married the right one there for the science and electronics home teaching environment.

And with their new found skills I can always hope the Gritlets mend the toaster.

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sharon said...

Can you persuade Dig to help the oh-so-clever gritlets to build a generator? All in the interests of HE of course. As a by-product,the savings made by not paying so much to your current (no pun intended) energy supplier could be put to much better use ... books, chocolate, beer, more books, holidays - I'm sure you'll think of something worthwhile ;-)