Friday, 26 September 2008

Mission accomplished

Bludgeoning Shark half to death with various packets of dried Tesco pasta and value tinned tomatoes has been an excellent idea. She is unable to take the pasta option any longer and has reached to the cookery book shelves, pored over the contents, tied back her hair, rolled up her sleeves, and brandished a shopping list. Consequently, today at the Pile, we have been treated to the following:

Layered vegetable terrine

Roasted peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

Butterscotch pie

Really, Shark, simply saying 'I'm cooking dinner' does not do justice to this sort of thing. We need to hang out banners, blow whistles, sound the trumpets and process with a modern dance routine throughout the front room while wearing avant garde costume in preparation for this diner's feast and cook's triumph.

Tomorrow it is back to pasta. I give it ten days max.


Lynn said...

What a star!!
It all looks gorgeous.
Got to agree that kind of effort needs the fanfare.xx

Elibee said...

Wow. Looks like I am going to have to work a bit harder with my puddings from now on. Now let me see, I think I have a Roux Brothers cookbook somewhere!

Suburbia said...

Wow a budding domestic goddess in the making!! That all looks so delicious.

I like your new header :)

Michelle said...


sharon said...

Say no to the marine biologist idea, lock that girl in the kitchen! what a talent.

Irene said...

What a kid, can she have her own cooking show yet? What do you think? I think she is ready for it.

Mean Mom said...

This is a bit much. Firstly you make me feel inadequate, because of your teaching skills and now your daughter is making me feel inadequate with her culinary skills. What's wrong with pasta and tinned tomatoes? Can I come to tea?

Grit said...

thank you folks for all your kind comments. shark is amazing, that is true. and i did not even have to dwell on the fact that the meal took 6 hours in preparation and that when she'd finished, the kitchen looked like an SAS training ground.