Saturday, 20 September 2008


An afternoon scrumping at the Community Orchard provides three swollen bags of apples, the anticipation of warm crumbles, feisty chutneys, crisp autumn days, and these glances.

How I love the afternoon light in that orchard, those apples, and my innocent scrumpers.

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sharon said...

Now all you need are some blackberries from the hedgerows (local wasteground perhaps?) and you can make apple and blackberry jam, an abiding favourite of mine from my childhood. Many an Autumn day was spent scrambling around in the undergrowth for the luscious plump berries (the scratches and finger-staining not so nice but hey, there's a price for everything) followed by a few hours in the kitchen, prepping fruit, boiling, potting and then waiting for the first sandwich. Oh yum! Used to take my boys to do the same thing too. And the crumbles were/are superb ;-)