Sunday, 14 September 2008

Road less travelled

I've never been here before! What a wonderful place! And so quiet! Do you know, Tiger, I didn't realise there was an environmental study centre here. We're not normally allowed down this road.

No, Shark, it's OK. Today is a Heritage day, and that means places normally shut are open to the public. It's a national scheme, and it's very good. Well, your mother is smart and keeps her eyes open for all the events in fields for miles around. Go through that gate. OK, stop going on about there being no-one else parked in the car park. Just climb over the gate everyone! It is obviously locked. Squirrel, I have no idea why. Off we go!

I agree, Tiger. It is strange when no-one else is here. But look, this grassy path seems to invite us, so let's go down here. It feels like no-one has trodden here at all, doesn't it? Gosh! Do you see that butterfly! isn't it lovely! Can you take a photo, Tiger?

Oh dear. Did you fall into the bush? Never mind. I'll rub it better. You took a lovely photo! Now, the big path stops here. Well this way seems to lead to that way. I know it's a little path. Of course it's not scary. Can you see a better path? We may as well follow it. Let's go along it and find out. Watch for goblins!

Tiger, stop that silly whimpering. You know I'm joking.

Squirrel, don't argue. Stay in single file. And jump over the nettles. Yes, I know they hurt. I'm already holding some dock leaves. Wow! This path turns into a wood! What a special place! Will you tell daddy about this later? Look at this beautiful glade! That proves you should trust me. I have led you to such beautiful sights! Of course I know where I am going. No. I don't need a map. This is a lesson that you should follow your instinct. We would all be the happier for that.

And look here! Fairy hats!

Shark, try and hold the camera steady when you're taking a photo of them or they will all be blurred. I know it's difficult balancing over the ditch. Would you like to join the fungi group for one of their walks? I'm sure they'd love to have youngsters! Oops! Are you alright, Shark? I've got some dock leaves. And watch where you're putting your feet, Tiger. Oh dear. Never mind. There are plenty of fungi around. If you hadn't stood on them, then a badger might have sat on them. But look down there! What a beautiful lake! Do you know, it's so calm and peaceful I get the impression that no-one ever comes this far down.

Yes, I agree we've walked over an hour and we've seen no-one else. I have no idea why. No, of course the police are not going to arrest me. I have told you already Tiger. We are allowed. It is a Heritage open day and the paths are not well travelled because the site is normally locked.

Did you hear that? Voices! I can hear voices. To the left. Look, here's a bridge. Go over that.

I have no idea why the orange tape is there. Ignore it. Oh there's someone with a clipboard! Look! Two people in a field!

Hello? Oh dear. Guided walk this morning? I didn't know about that. Scientific monitoring? Damage to the ecology? I quite understand. I'm terribly sorry. And when we go back, we must turn right, and right again. Don't take the path to the left. And do not cross the bridge with the orange tape. Oh! We haven't seen a bridge. No. No, we haven't. I think my daughter was confused about that. She's referring to a bridge we went over last week.

And apologies. Again. But I must say, it's an inspirational place to walk.

Er, you wouldn't happen to have a map would you?


Jonny's Mommy said...

Hahaha! Great way to tell a story.

Sorry about you getting in trouble, but at least it gave you something interesting to share with all of us!

Really funny story....your kids are lucky to have you to take them on such interesting adventures!

sharon said...

It's a very sad day when even the fields conspire against you!

Grit said...

hi folks, it may not be all bad ... we are due to come here again (legitimately) in a couple of weeks time on a study day. For that, I will tell everyone not to mention the bridge.