Monday, 22 September 2008

Look to your laurels, Hirst.

Grit has wind of this. Today's artists might want me to be shocked, disturbed, outraged. I don't know. Boredom would be a good word. Not another model on a toilet. Hey, Turner artists, we already have a mermaid on ours. We thought everyone did that stuff nowadays. I mean, nailing celery to the wall, chucking a rat out of the window and videotaping ourselves hunting monks are so yesterday.

Well, Grit does something she has intended to do for a long while, so the Turner artists can't claim credit for this reaction. She has a word with the boss of the local community hall and books the art gallery space for Squirrel, Shark and Tiger for next June 2009 to exhibit their acrylic on canvas. Not that we have any acrylic on canvas to show of course. Or any talent. How we enter into the spirit of Modern Art!

Anyway, I get everyone off to Whipsnade Zoo for an observational drawing session, so we can commit our efforts to canvas and collect some pieces to show.

Squirrel's first draft. All she has to do is smear horse shit all over it,
and I'll be submitting it to Turner 2009. It could be a winner.


Brad said...

I appreciate the bold use of red and the suggestion of the nose. This piece moves me in many ways. I believe we will be seeing many more works for this new evocative artist.

--Bear's ArtDay

sharon said...

Did you know that you can get paper made from elephant dung? Would this be a good starting place for the lavatorial style so prevalent in today's art?

Looking forward to the eventual exhibition of Gritty Art. Will you be participating alongside the gritlets?

Mean Mom said...

I've seen that lion at Whipsnade. It would be difficult to miss him, wouldn't it?

Seriously, now, I like it! It shows flair! (Well, that's what I think, anyway.)

I'm impressed with the mermaids in the previous post. That was an ambitious project!

Grit said...

hi brad! you are right. the nose does it. and your blurb is very good. i may use your words for pre-exhibition advertising.

elephant dung paper? we're in. i hope all the paintings will be from shark, squirrel and tiger. i will be exhibiting a price list too, so the gritlets can learn about art and business. i have already reconciled myself to the thought that i may have to buy a couple of pieces under a pseudonym for encouragement purposes.

thank you mean mom! i keep a line close to my heart. it is 'let not great ambition overshadow small success'. i got it from a fortune cookie, admittedly, but i have to say it serves me very well. daily.