Friday, 12 September 2008

Starry starry night

Squirrel's picture of the moon.

Here we are, back to normal, stumbling about a field. This time in the dark.

We attend the local astronomer's meeting, which twice a year opens its lenses to the general public. We all get to go and ooh and aah at Jupiter and four moons, close up. Squirrel, Shark and Tiger say it is the most exciting thing to see and recommend that everyone find an astronomy meeting near you. Grit adds, don't take torches and don't blast the car headlights direct at the organisers.

Grit's picture of the fairy lights she keeps in a bowl upstairs.
She thought about passing these off as the Milky Way,
but considered that you might suss her out on seeing the wires.


sharon said...

On a clear night we can just step outside and see the most amazing display. No light pollution to spoil visibility. At the moment our 'garden' is still more field than horticultural delight so you would feel quite at home inspecting the skies here.

Grit said...

hi sharon! the best skies i have seen here in the uk were from a cliff edge in dorset. not that i was about to throw myself off that and was only prevented from doing so by the glories of the night sky. although that would make a good story.