Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Do you think I am trying to convert you to home education?

Recently, a few exchanges in the Grit world led me to wonder about this question.

The answer, in case you missed it, is an absolute, resounding, deafening, NO.

Seriously, I itch for August to be over, so the kids arrive back in school. The museums are empty, we take cheap holidays, we pick and choose the activities we want to do, and we conduct our ordinary lives in relative peace and quiet. That's the way it is for us. Stating it doesn't mean I'm proselytising.

If your children are happy in school, and you are happy with them being there, why would you take them out to home educate them?

People take their kids away from the state system for a shed load of personal, family, and child-centred reasons. And I am sure people leave their kids in the state system for a shed load of personal, family, and child-centred reasons too.

All I can say is that we, as home educators, are sometimes at the receiving end of a hell of a lot of stick for our decision.

Or, there again, we are totally ignored. Like with fingers in the ears and lalalala not listening can't hear you!

Why we receive that reaction, I am never sure.

Is it because we did something that most people don't do? Do we travel against the norm? Do we seem to enjoy our time with our kids too much? Can't you just call us brave and determined, instead of look at us suspiciously and wonder if we're really anti-social freaks and child abusers?

Well, today is Tuesday. An ordinary Tuesday. We finished reading Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr*, went to a French lesson, listened to a science CD in the car, Shark went sailing, Tiger went horse riding, and I made a tomato and kidney bean concoction for supper. I served it with potatoes.

And in case you missed the answer to that question up there, the answer is still NO.

* Thanks, Michelle and Chloe, again!


Rachel M. said...

Regardless, you do make it seem like an exciting adventure.

Grit said...

thank you, rachel! i am happy to leave everyone to draw their own conclusions for their own circumstances regarding school-home ed. and if this blog does anything, it is to show people our way, and that different ways are all possible.

Merry said...

You state that rather beautifully. I may have to quote you :)

And thank you for the side link - i am honoured!