Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Home education? Why and How

I could submit 50,000 words for the round-up over here.

Or two photographs.

These people are my why.

And how?

With joy. Struggle. And determination.


Jax said...

Am assuming as you've linked me, I can link this :)

Love it. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Maire said...

Love their expressions in the first picture, I relate to that.

Grit said...

shark: you looking at me? YOU LOOKING AT ME?

squirrel: the diamonds? but they were not real! all is lostlostlost!

tiger: i don't fucking care.

Rebel Mother said...

Fabulous. Loved their little faces - looks like they're on the brink of teenagedom - or should that be doom!


mimi said...

Love this post! I came over from the homeschooling multiples yahoo group. Love your blog!

Grit said...

hi mimi! you are welcome!