Monday, 14 September 2009

Suffering for the sake of science

A day at home, making soap bubble mixture, then blowing bubbles through home-made wire loops, observing reflections, finding out new things about iridescence, making up stuff about surface tension, volume, pressure and the incomprehensible doublebubble theory and looking up interference in twenty different science encyclopedias before drawing pictures of bubbles attacked by arrows and pretending to be light beams.

For the latter, I include a photograph of Squirrel in the act of falling off a home made trolley as she careered through the kitchen and failed to negotiate a bend at a door.

We all picked up the crashed and crumpled Squirrel with much devotion, assuring her that she had most ably demonstrated that light travels in straight lines and bends when it hits objects, but Squirrels on trolleys cannot do a sudden 45 degree swerve.

Memo to Grit: buy more washing up liquid.


Deb said...

My little ones have taught themselves the art of blowing bubbles with only their fingers and hand soap. One of them will blow until there is a bubble the size of a small head, the other one will hold it, and then they will both "see the future." It's pretty funny!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Your kids are pretty lucky that they got to blow bubbles for the sake of science, because I never got to learn about the theory of light reflection when I blew mine. I just thought they were pretty, but I didn't realize there was a whole science lesson in there as well. I am just learning all these things as a grown up. Some knowledge comes very late.

Grit said...

hi folks! thank you for your comments!

bubbles through fingers eh? i want to learn that trick.

and you are so very right, green stone woman; these small people teach me things, everyday.

mamacrow said...

aw, poor Squirrel! maybe she was being a supernova?!