Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The dreaded photo day has arrived

Of course I knew it. It's impossible. There is not one photograph I can choose above all others. There is a narrative.

Tra-la-la! 1995! Tiananmen Square. A privileged quasi-diplomatic swanking-about-the-world life. I only carry an umbrella for Borneo.

Oh dear! The year 2000! Where did they come from? Are they something to do with you? Is someone coming to collect them? Can I chisel my way through these walls using this old umbrella?

2001. Bad. Bad. Bad. Lots of bad things happen. People drop dead. Bum bum bummy bumbumbum. Shall I cry? Must we sell the house in Northumberland? Do you recognise that fire place? Bastards. The curry stain was deliberate.

Is it 2002? Who knows? I have PARENTING JOY.

Who cares what year it is? I think I might sink into madness for a while and decide whether I would like to live or die because at some point it must be a rational decision, no?

2009! Amazing! Still here! Pan fires, household damage, mortal wounds, all are so routine, everyone ignores them. I will survive everyday, because I have GRIT.

2010. Unlike the roads of England.

Lapland, you asked for it.


lotusbirther said...

And no kid's sledges for sale either.
Love the memories of photos.
One week into 2010 and the UK has come to a financial standstill already. Gotta love the snow so please do stay off the roads with your friend Salt. We have home ed fun with school friends to be had.

Michelle said...

Since you're hardly conventional you must be the sweetened variety?

“We use grit which is mixed with molasses which adheres much better to the roads and is more effective than conventional grit."

Sticky grit?

sharon said...

Obviously you have not spread yourself thinly enough to solve the road problem Grit ;-)

36C here again today, sunshine and blue skies. Sorry . . .

mamacrow said...

OMG those babies! tooooo cute!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Some great photos. We only have a short amount of grit though!!

I moved to Northumberland in 2001.

CJ xx

Grit said...

hi lotusbirther! i am sick of the snow. and my dishwasher has run out of salt. what do you think are the chances of getting hold of a bag at less than £250?

ahem, michelle. the welsh do come up with some solutions, don' they?

36C? 36C? send some in a bag!

mamacrow, i was in love too then. now they can walk and talk and answer back.

hi, cj. well it wasn't you we sold the house to. the people who bought it didn't own a tractor. an enormous 4x4 though.

Rachel M. said...

Wow those 10 years sure went fast! Can't wait to see what the next 10 bring!!!

Maire said...

Just LOVE the baby picture and so reassuring that things like pan fires can become routine and ignored, Bruce still gets a bit stressed despite the familiarity of such things.

Grit said...

rachel, it's an adventure every day round here!

maire, dig calls the fire alarm the dinner bell, which says something. just can't think what.