Saturday, 9 January 2010

Intellectual lightweight toady sticks to party line. She'll go far.

I'm trying to take Diana Johnson seriously.

I guess - unless you live in Hull or you are sat unemployed on the sofa watching the parliament channel - you won't know who Diana Johnson is. You probably couldn't give a stuff.

That is maybe the right attitude, and I salute you for it.

She's an arse.

There you go. I just cannot take her seriously.

OK, I'll try again. Because she's part of a mechanism that has the power to impact on us quite significantly, so I am duty bound.

I'll rephrase. She's not an arse. She is very concerned. Not about education, obviously, because Diana Johnson's a Schools Minister and lackey for Ed Balls. She's concerned about knowing the numbers.

Garbage falls out of Johnson's mouth like a blind badger overturned your dustbin. In the All Party Parliamentary Group on Home Education (Wednesday 6th Jan), she claims the new parental licencing scheme is really about registration. We need numbers, but we need to monitor. We will get the numbers, but we need to monitor.

So what is it about Diana? Is it about the numbers? Or is it about the monitoring?

Because I note those types of phrases she's used here and elsewhere, like we will get... we want to know... we need to find out... Why do you need to know Diana? Is it so you can monitor us all the better?

Diana would say of course not, smartfatarsegritturd, it is because the government simply wants to help you.

And then she follows it with stuff like Refusal to allow child to be interviewed would be taken into account when deciding on registration. Failure to allow such a meeting would be one factor taken into account. Instances of non-cooperation and concern would be taken into account when considering allowing registration to carry on. Disallowing registration would be a final sanction.

And after that threat, she feels she can then add, It really is about developing positive relationships.


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Firebird said...

Nah, she's not an arse, arses are useful. If your arse vanished overnight you'd have problems. If Diana Johnson vanished overnight the world would become a slightly nicer place.

Merry said...

I noticed that this started as being about "child abuse, forced marriage and domestic servitude" but that is now a stale discussion and NOW it is about education.

Tsk. More like the stuff that comes out of arses.

Firebird said...

Stephen Heppell let slip that abuse was "a red herring" back during Badman's so-called investigation, and I'll bet that's why he stopped talking to us, he'd already said more than he should. It's always been about education, about them hateing for any child to slip though their clutches. They want to stamp out HE, or at the very least control it so tightly that it becomes little better than school.

Educational freedom, Hell any sort of freedom, is anathema to people like Johnson and Balls.

Ruth said...

I used to live in Hull so do know who she is. Hull has awful schools. Maybe she should spend more of her time monitoring them.

sharon said...

Perhaps you could make a start and help her by sending some numbers, those nice magnetic ones for the 'fridge should do the trick. Then she can spend her time profitably monitoring them instead of hassling the Home Ed community.

MadameSmokinGun said...


Am I going too far?

Minnie said...


Lol at Firebird:o)