Saturday, 16 January 2010

Pure joy, with verso, recto, etc.

Grit is dancing around in seventh heaven. She and the little beautiful gritlets of gorgeousness are learning how to make their own leather bound notebooks.

This is all thanks to the bookbinder who donated a load of bookbinding fabrics to Scrapstore, plus a book from the library, an eyelet punch, and the free-range imagination of one senior Grit and three gritlets.

The notebook cover above uses leather, wire, bead, and copper; the little copper butterfly donated by Squirrel is one result of our metal enthusiasm to learn about embossing and engraving last month. Inside we stitched the pages together with copper wire instead of thread, because we found it a whole lot easier.

This project I highly recommend, particularly if you are in any way book devoted or lust after stationery. The children are learning new skills, delighting in notebooks they can use for diaries, jottings and shopping lists, and I am uber parent because I can slip in some Latin.

In fact this project is total win win win.

The only one I can see who loses is the cow.


Sam said...


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You may be interested in a book I bought recently from It's called Handmade Decorative Books, written by Sue Roddis and is full of quirky little books that you may like to try out. Postage is free - yes even to Australia - and the prices are very good. Books tend to be rather more expensive Downunder.

sharon said...

Love the Kiwi Pie in Smug Bastard ;-)

Grit said...

just wiped through entire range of amazon decorative embroidered miniature recycled inspirational handmade book selection. and not even contrite when faced with checkout cost. only have anticipation of great moments ahead. thank you for nudge to right direction!

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sharon said...

You're welcome Grit ;-) I spend far too much money there but I don't care either!