Monday, 28 May 2012

Breathe some air

Went for a rambling walk through Rushmere Estate, with a home ed group of kids, parents, toddlers, dogs.

We joked about the hazards of tree climbing, conker playing, pine-cone chucking, gate swinging, fence balancing and poking out your eyes with untrained use of binoculars.

I then came home and stumbled into this document.

Leaves me thinking that pulling the kids out to breathe some fresh air is the most sane response you can give.

What are you going to do? You could make such a nuisance of yourself explaining the responsibilities to the local authority that it would be a delight to see the spinning eyeballs from two hundred yards away.

Try demanding an independent survey of material used within the school; press for safe removal and replacement of hazardous fibres; gather information about staff awareness; and assess what management strategies will keep your kids safe. No nonsense information here.

Or we could consider asbestos an unavoidable, unsolvable problem, so better support the ban on that more immediate dilemma instead.

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