Sunday, 6 May 2012

Garden commission

Delivery of Tend Me. Flower notebook for the aspirational gardener.

(Read: actually doing anything in the garden is obviously a labour of Herculean proportions. Better not start. Look at a gardening book instead and think about it.)

(Maybe rearrange the silk floral display. If you can find it. Last seen 2003, under the pile of cardboard boxes in the hall.) 

All notebooks supplied with storage bag, suitable for knicker drawers.


Irene said...

Well done, Grit. Is the knicker drawer bag a permanent feature now? Did you get all your supplies in Hong Kong or are you managing to find supplies where you are also?

Grit said...

yes, irene, all notebooks now supplied with knicker bag and story tag. then i feel each is made complete.

i am a rat in the chinese calender, thus my qualities are scrounging, devious opportunism, and stashing away all small items of fancy 'just in case'. these qualities are coming in handy.