Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photoblog Corbridge

The delightful Corbridge! Place where Dig was a lad; the family pile was located (now sold); the children spent many early times; and where Squirrel won Prettiest Crown Competition (2004). She didn't deserve it, but in the best tradition of village life, it was a political outcome.

Home also to the Roman remains at Corstopitum.

I note it's not called that anymore. It's now Corbridge Roman Town. (Less fun.)

With fine museum.

A tour along Hadrian's Wall is more fun than a funeral, so I recommend you do that, if you visit Northumberland.

The county is beautiful, with eye-ball punching skies, grand vistas over wide moorland, and shifting tones of greens and greys lit by brilliant sunshine that you can take in at a breath, as you stand atop a hill, pretending you're a Roman soldier with a cold in the nose.

As the offspring rediscover their toddler times and crawl about Corbridge Roman Town, I mentally plan a range of notebooks designed for historians.

Then I congratulate myself for being pretty much in the zeitgeist with this concept: I see the museum shop has a pile of leather-bound notebooks for sale. (All discounted.) 

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Irene said...

Does that particular Gritlet realize she is craling through the Roman floor's heating system?