Friday, 18 May 2012

Planning a return to YSP

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I love you.

OK, I am not sure about the Miro. You know, the Maternity sculpture. The one where, if you are a mother, you have not much more than a gigantic gaping vagina on your womb with udders for breasts and a head like a cow with a neck like a chicken. 

I know it is meant to be witty. And usually I can see the funny side. I also know, my dearest Yorkshire Sculpture Park, that it is not your fault. So I will not firebomb you, I promise. Miro? Well, I don't promise quite so much.

And I'm also not very fond of your rabbit. The crawling one with disturbing hands and human legs. I am a bit worried about my sleeping pattern now.

Although Dig cheered me up a bit when he saw its partner, and said, Let's not split hares.

(Maybe you had to be there.)

But we all loved the playtime platform!

And the bee books! Yes! The bee books in the wood! We are inspired to make these for our garden! (I know ours will end up looking like we left out Five Go Caravanning by accident, but I will still call it ART.)

 The Lady's Bonnet was wonderful, and I might go live in it.

And Antony Gormley always stirs in me humble tears.

YSP, you can see why I love you. It is impossible not to visit you and be moved in a hundred different ways. In two hours I can run the complete state of human emotion, from jealousy and vengeance to humility and devotion.

Really, I don't think I can say more than this today, as I now feel a little weepy with your loveliness.


Michelle said...

we have never made it there :-(. Have long wanted to but it hasn't worked its way into our itinery.

Irene said...

I find the rabbit quite disrurbing too and could only look at it for a moment. It's the stuff of nightmares.

Minnie said...

We pass this place everytime we go up to see my Mum. Sort of take it for granted as we are always 'rushing' up and 'rushing' back. We're going this week. Have you been to Cresswell Craggs...caveman caves?