Sunday, 27 May 2012

You can have the damn fish

Yes, you can probably now anticipate divorce proceedings. Because I finally gave in to THIS.

I have NO DEFENCE. Except that Shark has pleaded - let's say for only twelve years - CAN SHE HAVE A FISH TANK.

To which the answer is NO.

But I have to accept the inevitable. It is not just because I am spineless. It is because it is like trying to hold back an unstoppable wave of NEED, something which Dig does not understand because he has two brains and no heart.

Well, Dig can take satisfaction in my pain. It did not come without struggle. After seemingly falling into my lap from a co-home educator, I go to pick up the damn fish tank (with fish! who knew you couldn't bag 'em up and post 'em?) and I find that falling will be the right word. All over the floor. With flood, shattered glass and dead fish, if I take any part in the actual moving of something that weighs 200lbs and has components of living creatures who are stupid enough to need this ridiculously heavy water. I even pleaded with Shark, Why can't we just pour it out? They have ten minutes before we need to pour it back in again.

But I am a resourceful woman. I press into service the seller of the thing, two neighbours, a vegetable trolley, and a plank of wood I rip off the side of a chest of drawers. Moving the wretched tank and dumb inhabitants takes all day and costs me a double pack of Stella.

But IT IS HERE. And I have one happy, happy girl.


Irene said...

I think that's great. It's good for chidren to have pets, even fish, to take care of. I'm sure Shark will do a great job. An aquarium is fun to look at. You can get lost in your thoughts while looking at the fish swim by. I used to have one. Makes me want to have one again.

kelly said...

I never thought I would see the day you let a pet enter your house but well done....a fish is far easier to cope with than the stupid animals we have here I'm sure.

Does this mean Squirrel is one step closer to getting a pony? I have a lovely one she is welcome too ;)

kelly said...

Or is it Tiger? or both? I can send one for each? One would make a great unicorn!