Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Shark, Tiger and Squirrel attend a Latin lesson at Stowe School, one of the most expensive private schools in England.

No, honestly! I'm not making it up! 

Look, we really did smuggle in the snoffle-grobbling home educated stringlings, Shark, Tiger and Squirrel! Honest! 

I snapped a crafty photo of Stowe entrance hall.


Quite frankly, I couldn't believe we were let in the place, knowing how our snuff-grimbling family is one of the nether-dwelling wanglers, only half-a-rung up the social ladder above the stoat lickers and ferret sniffers.

But becoz I is a nice girl, I will draw a discreet veil over the lesson. Commentary would not be right. Even though I haz took a PGCE, haz tort, haz opinions, and woz put in the frame for a teeching job here in 1994. I will merely say that from this experience inside the hallowed halls, my snoffle-grobblers came out with sudden (and not entirely unexpected) grateful thankfulness for our own fortnightly Lingua Latina.

The only other comment to add is that my mother-in-law sent all her juniors to boarding school by persuading herself the reason was educational excellence, when in reality it was so that her offspring would mingle with the right sort of people. Boarding schools perform this social function admirably. As, indeed, does home education.

Here, have an opinion from 2010. It hasn't much changed. Classics should be taught in state maintained schools.

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