Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Next we'll be painting our faces blue

Here's an ice pick. Suitable for a tribal warrior child hunting their first woolly mammoth.

We have loads of ice picks! All over the house. I shall find every one of them later, when I discover the wet patch.

You can blame Michelle Paver for this. Again. Leading my big grits so fundamentally astray they forget basic properties of water.

Oh well. I suppose it makes a change from the wood and slate axes and the discussions about whether the neighbour would miss the cat.


Irene said...

That's a really neat way to see how those stone implements were really put to use. And I don't mean for killing the neighbor's cat. I mean the way they are attached to their handles. When I was a kid, I always wondered about that and nobody ever explained. Your Big Grits are lucky.

Grit said...

i am 50/50 on the matter, irene. i can see the hours spent working out how to attach wood and rock, and then the stabbing at both with a penknife, all of which i am pleased with for the thinking and practical problem solving and immersion in a fictional world.

and then the other half of my brain somehow wishes all this talent and industry was directed towards a gcse maths exam. i mean, surely we have enough axes now.

Irene said...

I suppose you do, but think of all the knowledge gathered and the wold it opens up to them. How much math do they need and are they far behind? Maybe they can just do business math. We had that choice in school.