Thursday, 28 March 2013

The endless round

Today - maybe yesterday, could be tomorrow - we host the monthly Chemistry co-op. We get out Professor Poliakoff, Ellen McHenry, and an ancient make-your-own salts kit.

There is no place for teachery-control in these sessions, I can tell you. It is mayhem from start to finish, stopping short only of bloodstains and broken arms, but requiring a spirit of resignation when you witness the fragrant apple (one small drop only!) tipped (three tablespoons) into the cornflour.

Indeed, the Chemistry Co-op is so routinely haphazard and shambolic that it appears completely normal when San enters the room to yell Has anyone lost a tooth? I just stood on one on the kitchen floor. No-one claims it. Maybe it is mine and I haven't had time to notice it yet.

But this is typical. Chemistry Co-op is the sort of frenetic event which explains why schools exist. We should really video it and stick it on Youtube, so any prospective home educators can see the domestic chaos you're in for. Forget the stylish interior with matching upholstery, that's my advice, unless you consider the Volcanic Food Event, the Exploding Eye Palaver and the Chemistry Co-op to be fitting design movements for your home ed household.

Apart from this chemical fun we have somehow managed to squeeze into the last few days, alongside the outside visits, a Reading Group, a Film Family Fun Night, a Latin lesson and an ice skating social. All I can say is that I am thankful that the latter was off site.

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Irene said...

No wonder you need some gin now and then to help you relax and numb the pain.