Monday, 18 March 2013

Pounding the pavements of Olney

Collar your local Blue Badge trained guide, fix your group, make a date, divvy the cost. Hey Presto! Local history you never knew before!

For our home ed crowd, Olney, town of Saxon/Dane agreements, medieval markets, cattle, pancakes, lace industry, home of Amazing Grace, place of cunning optical illusion done with a church spire, and an old shed called a Sulking Room.

These Blue Badgers are seriously well researched and not all of them are aged over 90. Every one we've followed has been brilliantly responsive to the group. Today, our mixed age kid-adult group gives rise to hot ash foot-warmers, inventions with candles, dead body street, gargoyles, potted history of the Quakers, a singsong, and a couple of cute horses.

History, out and about, all around us, living in custom and practice, and certainly not forgotten by the locals. Grudges and gratitudes, oppositions and allies, just the same in 2012 as in 1220.

Of course now we're all switched on, hiring our local trained up Blue Badgers for all around the towns.

Proving, as if it needed saying, that home ed history doesn't mean paying six pound fifty to sit in a hall and fill out a worksheet.

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