Tuesday, 5 March 2013

So that's what it's like

Kids have a date with a raspberry pie today.

I am told it's not a pie, it's not made of raspberries, and you can't eat it.

I ask how the day went, apart from the fact that no-one ate pie, and I was told it was alright and they learnt stuff, but don't ask what, unless you want a blank stare and a curled lip.

Nevertheless, I approve, totally, of the big grits acquiring an education about programming a pie, even though I am not the slightest bit interested in programming, would have no emotional involvement for the loveliness of 010101010001, and if I was in the class, I would spoil everything by demanding more pie with my raspberries and in the end, get sent out.

Thank goodness I was excluded from the workshop in the first place.

Come to think of it, today's experience puts me in the same category as most school-choosing parents. Ignorant of the day, vaguely supportive, mostly indifferent. When it's all over, not much wiser.

But like most school-choosing parents, it did give me time off.

(I spent it with my inevitable.)


Irene said...

Yes, the gritlets are not little, dependent people anymore. They can get their own education without you there. Isn't that a nice fringe benefit you had not counted on? Now you will become as ignorant as we all were, but at least you have a sensible hobby/business and will not fall into a deep, dark hole of uselessness.

Grit said...

oh i bet i can do that falling into uselessness thing irene, never fear! but you are right - these days i am quite an independent gal compared to the previous years!