Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Introducing the kids to opera

Tonight, home ed outing to Milton Keynes Theatre for Welsh National Opera and The Cunning Little Vixen.

There can't surely be a better kid introduction to opera! Not counting The Magic Flute set in a caravan park. That was good, too.

But although it seems to me perfect material for encouraging an enjoyment of the operatic singalong, I have found this problem with volunteering to be the group ticket buyer for one of your local home ed tribes!

ATG Tickets make it shockingly easy and friendly for you, and you get the discount rates for booking ten or more seats, sure! Then, when you blithely say to your tribe Oh, don't forget it's the opera! the elders go all quiet and claim they are busy washing their hair, rearranging the bathwater, and growing their toenails, so they can't possibly come.

Well, you people missed a treat, of course you did. There were naked men and free beer and everything. And the staging, costumery, dragonfly dance and singalong was all superb too.

Now I know you home educating types are jolly enthusiastic about introducing the offspring to opera, so if it tours to a venue near you, of course it's worth the group rate tenner to see it!

Simply organise your group and go. Even if you have to sell on the spare tickets at the last minute to friends of friends, who then sell on the tickets to their friends who you have never seen, so you turf them out the tribal group, then apologise and glare at them like it is all their fault, then snatch the cash from their terrified fingers. WNO's The Cunning Little Vixen is totally worth it.

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Irene said...

If it weren't for you, would any of these events take place at all? And how did the big Grits like it?