Thursday, 14 March 2013

It went that way

Okay, take a deep breath. I have to buy a new swim costume for Tiger and make sure it fits which is a 24-job in itself carrying a tricky compromise of no choice but black when she doesn't want black then I must transport an over-excited Squirrel to the stables to use the crumpled free lesson voucher I've been carrying around for eight months before it runs out next Monday and where I must once more suffer being mocked by horse then I must return to feed my tribal people their hearty lunchtime nourishment in the shape of two pizzas then drive to pick up Tigger to leg it over to Bedford and circle hopelessly around the main exit to Cambridge looking for an enormous swimming pool shaped like a pyramid which I always lose no matter how many times we visit then after the swim bring everyone home to throw emergency pasty on the table and not get it confused with the laundry before we must attend the wildlife group led by the woman who is touchingly affected by moles and butterflies and bees and cute bushes then remember to drop off Tigger and bring my own sweet enfants back to the nest where I can concoct hot supper chocolate and whine a bit about the exhausting routines of the home ed mama but boy if the truancy patrol stopped me in my tracks today I might just have had to run them over and throw their dead bodies in the back of the car because it's one of those days that just galloped by, non-stop.

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