Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Aim: Take the children camping.

Method: Squish into the interior of a metal bowl the following: four tents, including the pop-up tent which won't pop-down; two self inflating mattresses, one too short and one which won't breathe out; the bag containing the old inflatable mattresses and a foot pump because you never know and it will give the kids something to do while you thrash about with a mallet; mallet; four sleeping bags, except I haven't got one, so pack a duvet and a blanket; blankets, extra, just in case, plus woolly socks, wellington boots and sandals; hospital kit containing 5 varieties of medication, 2 litres of zinc oxide, a tub of vaseline, and three plasters; toothpaste; map because the bastard satnav broke down and never recovered; emergency contact numbers when the inevitable disaster happens at 3am; RAC card; all tickets, season passes, bits of stuff that end up lost in a field; talk of great adventure, even though we know everything is doomed from the start; unquenchable determination not to give in; smile, because at some point I might mean it; and kids. Don't forget the kids. It's their holiday, too.


Irene said...

Did you bring food, or are you just going to forage?

Big mamma frog said...

I don't understand. I left the kitchen sink behind, but still managed to fill a transit.

Dave H said...

I managed to fit everything I need in a Fiesta, but then I only have one child to transport. Fortunately I can feed him on bread, peanut butter and Nutella for a week, and he doesn't like the lemon cheesecake I brought so I got to eat all of it.

Say hi if you see someone wandering round with my icon cat on his shirt, that'll be me. I take long walks round both fields in the evenings.

Grit said...

forage, irene. mostly at the food van where they do chips and pizza.

bmf! it is great packing for hesfes, is it not! I take a load of stuff no-one needs, then I take it all home again.

Dave! I spent a curious few hours staring at everyone's chest to see if they were wearing a cat. i am not sure whether to be grateful to you or not for that. but we always camp in the quiet field, where we are usually the noisiest.

Dave H said...

I was wearing it in the evenings, and a fair bit of the last day. I tend to be bad with faces, but I'm pretty sure I recognised your children walking past on occasion. I'm introverted enough that I didn't stop one and ask her if she was a Gritling, although it did cross my mind. If you saw the Leonberger puppy on Tuesday afternoon then that was most likely me holding the leash.