Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Tempest

Day of American Independence! Seems an appropriate day somehow to accompany our visiting American friends to watch Shakespeare's The Tempest at the Globe.

Roger Allam interprets Prospero superbly; there are beautifully wise moments of detachment and observation about the character as he regards himself playing a role and reflecting on life on the island; it fits with the whole 'Shakespeare writing his last-play' theme. I fully recommend you see it, especially while standing in the pit as a stinkpot groundling. Getting wet by a squeezed out cod piece is only part of the fun.

From there, a slow walk along the river with the kids, Thames-bank combing, hoping to find a Roman coin or two.


Irene said...

Because I'm on Facebook, and closely connected to Americans, I feel that I've celebrated Independence Day myself. I think I got an overdose of it. I can't see another fireworks or American flag.

You do analyze a performance of a Shakespeare play well.

Grit said...

we should have waved flags for them, Irene, but they were on English soil, so it was time to get our own back. ;)