Saturday, 20 July 2013

The punch up stays the same across the years

Huzzah! The English Heritage multiperiod history weekend!

I fully appreciate it's not just about leaving the accountancy office on a Friday to spend the weekend dressed up as a Roman soldier.

I bet that's only part of the attraction. I know serious research emerges from this crossover world of reenactment societies, amateur historians, and specialists in European footwear 1519-1599 (military styles only). I fully appreciate their endeavours (speaking as an enthusiastic amateur inquirer after bookbinding materials 1068-1485).

But there's always one thing which is fun to watch, whatever the motive for coming along to the English Heritage weekend in Northamptonshire. The punch up of blokes in a field.

But we cannot linger! We dash off at the end sharpish. I have tickets to see the punch up at the deconsecrated church in Manchester via the National Theatre Live Screening of Macbeth. We can't miss this significant event, not even for a Tudor punch up. But I remain deeply glad that we made it this year to the FoH. 2013 wouldn't have been properly conducted without it. Thank you, English Heritage!

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Irene said...

I must say that you took in an awful lot of history all in one day. I wonder that you did not have nightmares about it afterwards.