Tuesday, 9 July 2013

All downhill from here

The ambulance did fine for me, that's all I'll say, without blasting my medical miseries from here to South Korea.

I will only narrate this lovely moment, as three medics stood by my bedside contemplating the consequences of a demolished Grit. They suggest one scenario from here is a hospital stay, so be prepared. I attempt to make light of it by quipping that looking after the house will be easy! I tidied up already!

There is a moment of shocked silence as everyone contemplates the train crash of my bedroom floor. I feebly add, 'I meant downstairs'.


Irene said...

You so very briefly and nonchalantly describe this episode in your life, but I am sure it was more serious than that. I hope you are well and that there will not be another occasion to call the ambulance. Please take good care of yourself. xox

Grit said...