Monday, 15 July 2013

The final mapping

Honestly, I can't recommend this course highly enough.

Mapping the World with Art was perfectly suited to our home ed style - autonomy, anarchy, and a fretful mother mashed in similar quantities - an educational mix which I guess is not unique to la famille Grit.

From my point of view this course was like a fortnightly cuddle. For the last umpteen Mondays, we have began the day by doing something; the kids created other than a mess, and I found they were learning stuff about the world without meaning to. The course is brilliantly open-ended, so we found ourselves wandering off into economics, history, ship building, geopolitics and technology. To name but a few.

We put together a great co-op group, too. A brilliant combination of home ed mamas offering complementary talents of turning up, reading stuff, pitching in, and unwrapping the biscuits. Everyone chipped in with ideas, suggestions, and activities other than watching the video, and we all enjoyed some great moments of home eddery. When it was all over, there were tears. That's how good it was.

Or it could have been my announcement that this fortnightly slot now formally morphs into the IGCSE Geography curriculum (again). Look forward to it, come September.

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