Saturday, 27 July 2013

HesFes 2014

If you are one of the .0000000001% of the UK population right now sitting on the fence deciding about whether or not to attend HesFes 2014, then I can reassure you.

Ignore what I said about the hippies, and come along.

For loads more promising reasons than to see whether the kids you dump in a field set up an anarcho-syndicalist state, or whether Tinkertop will go instantly all Lord of the Flies and the management will be taking down the pig's head by Sunday.

Reasons like the talks, discussions, and grown-up sharing debatey stuff, which is going on all day long, formal and informal, organised and chaotic. Not just on the best hippie methods for cooking roadkill and stuff like that. But useful talks. Like educational options, Special Educational Needs, flexi-schooling, exam issues, virtual colleges, and even the bleedin' law - the very words which give us our strong-armed righteousness and a fine sense of virtue while we go about undermining the rest of society.

So yes. Parents considering or embarking on alternative forms of education, come to HesFes.

Not just for children. Or hippies.


Fiona said...

Super-excited to see my wonky sign on your blog!

Write up of workshops here

Katie Pybus said...

Can you arrange the weather?