Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Next time, take water, take hat

Dump the kids with chums. Their plan is, go across that field, turn right at the tree, cross another field, reach the river, and have fun. I approve. A river is a perfect accompaniment to a heatwave.

Four hours later, I think, I wonder where they are? 

I go looking. It is damn hot out here. Probably over 30 degrees. Baking, in fact. I regret leaving my water in the car. Don't do that. Don't leave your water in the car then set out to walk across a very big field.

Or your hat. You need your hat, too.

 Actually I may die before I reach the river.

I think I am smouldering.

Aha! The tree! It has shade. I pass out here for five minutes and consider drinking my own wee.

This is like the outback. That tree stump could be a sheep skull.

Just one more field. Is that an oasis? (I may be hallucinating.)

 I am on the border of incineration by the time I find the river.


Dog! (Not ours.)

Apart from Shark who, out of her natural habitat of the river, resembles a particularly glum Eeyore, a Tiger (with hat, plenty of water, and a cheese sandwich) who says I deserve to keel over and die if I am stupid enough not to carry water, and a Squirrel who greets me with an excoriating comment when she sees me collapse with heat exhaustion, I can see only one problem.

I have to walk back.


Irene said...

If that was the shortest way to the river, I say you should have found an easier accessible place to get there by car. There must have been the same river up and downstream, no?

Grit said...

yes irene, but rivers are long things and kids take themselves to interesting, hidden bends. also, i like the idea of driving to it. i could have been across that field in the gritmobile in a couple of minutes.

Rachel M. said...

Well I hope they at least shared! It's the least they could do after 13+ years of servitude from mom!!