Saturday, 14 July 2007

An excellent day

Oo, Hubby and Son come round to make the day. Oo is amazing, and if you ever meet her, you can tell her I said so. Hubby is important in making things, and it's not just a mess, like Dig. He makes wonderful buildings happen, and probably some not-so-wonderful ones too, but hey-ho, we've tried to work with builders in the cellar conversion, and it's not easy. Son is gifted, and goes to a posh school for specially gifted children. One day he will be a famous musician, composing music for film and theatre and creative events I can't dream of, and you'll be humming his songs down the high street. And don't forget, you read it here first.

Anyway, Oo, Hubby and Son bring round lots of food to eat, because they are like that. Generous, kind, considerate. Not like Grit who emerges at someone's house thinking 'Oh bum. I can't go in empty handed like last time. And the time before that. And all last year as well. ' Then I can usually find some Tesco value apple juice that's only a day or two past its sell by date and which has been hanging out in the car in case of emergency. If I'm lucky, I'll find a half-pack of ginger nuts too. And if I'm really organised or want to impress, I'll have the shopping in the back. Only I know that a gift of six tins of Tesco value red kidney beans does look a bit odd, and possibly not generous at all.

So Oo, Hubby, and Son come round to make the day. And amongst the bags of lovely food that Oo, Hubby, and Son brings, there are tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips. The words are rolling around my mind and tongue. I am salivating at the words. Tor-tee-ah chips. Did you hear that delicious pop on the words 'chips'? The word starts so delicately doesn't it, with a little chi sound, and builds up to a soft and tender moment of silence then, before the 'p', when you're almost voiceless in delight. And if anything can be more delightful, there it is, the little pop of the 'p' and the sigh of the 's'.

Now, you have probably guessed. I love tor-tee-ah chips. If the wall paper was made of them I'd eat it. Which is why I am not allowed to buy tortilla chips. Not ever. Just take one, and that's the end. Because if I do, I have to eat them all. Not just one packet, but every packet. And there'd be no stopping me, either. I would soon have to be rushed to hospital with Tortilla chip OD.

And Oo, Hubby and Son bring themselves, lots of lovely food, and tortilla chips. Three bags of them. Three lovely bags. Oo, Hubby and Son, you are welcome here anytime.

And not just for the tortilla chips.


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