Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Princess Anne

Dig rings up on Skype. He says he's turned up at Brazil to do his bit on commas and he's told that Princess Anne will be in the audience, so wear a tie. I bet she and hubby are having a not-holiday as well.

Dig says he's not wearing a tie and Princess Anne has made everything tricky. For a start, the security staff won't let him get to the stage. This is very tricky. The stage is where she will be shortly introduced. And without access to the stage Dig can't plug in his laptop and set everything up for his talk which follows.

I think at this point Dig is very wise. He says he does some 'jumping up and down'. Clearly he has taken a few lessons from Shark about how to get your way.

Dig says he gets on the stage, sets everything up and, ready for him to press the buttons, leaves his laptop there. Then Princess Anne arrives on stage, is properly feted before taking her seat on the royal fold-up chair in the audience for the Dig show on commas. Unfortunately what Princess Anne does while on stage is very tricky indeed. Because she has managed to lean on Dig's computer keyboard and set Dig's presentation off. So when Dig gets to it, he finds it half-way through, and has to start fumbling about setting the whole thing up again.

Dig has form with royalty, UK and elsewhere. So he knows how to behave. I notice Grit is kept well away from it all. I will just add that HRH was off to see some gee-gees and do some business with a children's charity. Guess which one she went to first.

No wonder they keep Grit away.

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Michelle said...

This is where I started Googling as I thought Princess Anne's not-holiday with her hubby would be a not-holiday together. I thought they were currently estranged.